Introduction to Annie

Veronica Crookall

This is Annie.  

Annie came to live with us from the Speaking of Dogs rescue. She's part of their Forever In Foster program, and we're her permanent foster parents.

Annie is somewhere between 8 and 10 years old. She was considered unadoptable due to having had a nasty round of cancer. She was surrendered to the rescue with a large mammary tumour, and serious dental issues. The good folks at Speaking of Dogs got her the life-saving surgery she needed and had her mouth fixed up (leaving her with only one tooth!), and began looking for a loving home for her to spend her retirement in.

While she's cancer-free now, it was a kind that is likely to come back. She is somewhere between 8 and 10 years old. We don't know how long she'll be with us; it could be anywhere from a few months to several years. However long it is, she's got a loving furever home and is spoiled rotten now! Annie enjoys the comforts of not one, but two heated beds, two regular non-heated beds (so she has the optimal temperature and comfort at all times), a posh winter wardrobe, her own drinking fountain, 5-6 walks a day, home-cooked food and endless love.

She's a very funny little diva. She loves everyone she sees, both human and dog. She even tries to make friends with neighbourhood cats, with mixed results!

Annie visits a retirement home most Sundays, delighting the residents and enjoying the attention.